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Welcome Xialing Sun(孙夏令)from China University of Mining & Technology(Beijing) to be committee member!


Dr. Xialing Sun (孙夏令),

China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing),

School of ManagementChina

Research Area:

1. Environmental pollution control;

2. Efficiency of green development

Research experience: 

Scientific research project:

1. The project of "Construction and implementation of risk early warning system of coal coking industry cluster" won the second prize of coal enterprise management modernization innovation achievement of China Coal Industry Association;

2. The project of "Research on the optimization and upgrading of Henan industrial structure" won the first prize of the key research project of Henan Federation of Social Sciences; 

3. The project of "Research on the development of logistics industry in Jiaozuo City" won the first prize of Jiaozuo City's key research topic of social science;

4. The research achievements won the first prize of the 4th and 5th "Innovation Driven Development" excellent papers of Henan Province;

5. The project of "Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Jiaozuo City's industry" won the second prize of Jiaozuo City's development research results.


1. The Temporal-Spatial Evolution and Motivation Analysis of Green Total Factor Productivity in Chinese[J].Soft Science, 2018,32(04):77-81+114.

2. The Problems of the Development of China’s Green Logistics and the Coping Strategies[J]. Economic Review Journal,2018(05):97-101.

3. The Impact of Nanotechnology Patents on Green Development of China's Building Industry[J]. Recent Patents on Nanotechnology, 2019,13:1-10.

4. Communication Barrier, Spillover Effect and Industrial-Technological Innovation[J].Sustain ability, 2019,4841(9):1-20.

5. Study on Carbon Emission Driving Factors and Low-Carbon Policy of Transportation Industry in Henan Province[J]. Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2018,23(01):32-37.

6. Research on the Credit Risk of Small and Micro Enterprises under "The Belt and Road Initiative", ICAEER 2018.

7. Suggestions on Decoupling Carbon in Logistics Industry from Perspective of Supply-side Reform[J].Resource Development & Market, 2018,34(02):194-200.

8. Research Status and Hotspots of Supply-side Reform Based on CiteSpace[J].Resource Development & Market, 2018,34(07):956-961+929.

Important Dates

截稿日期|Submission Deadline: 

December 30, 2019

注册日期|Registration Deadline: 

January 9, 2020

录用通知|Notification Date:

About a week after submission

会议时间|Conference Date: 

January 10-12, 2020

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